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Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

If you're seeking treatment to deal with skin disorders or cosmetic concerns with customized procedures that exceed your expectations, you've found the right place. Our exceptionally talented personnel at Mountain View Dermatology and Aesthetics is thrilled to treat patients in and around Tucson, AZ with a variety of unique questions and ambitions. In our time with patients, we have enjoyed receiving a myriad of endorsements from women and men just like you who have experienced our attentive care firsthand. We invite you to read over our extensive selection of testimonials and look forward to the goals you could accomplish when you place your confidence in the hands of our staff.

Reviews for Mountain View Dermatology and Aesthetics

5.0 Review from A.S. Source: Google Sep 19 2023

"Really happy with my results from Opus and BBL. I bought a package of 3 Opus treatments and could see a major difference after the first treatment. Shelley changes up the laser settings depending on the results I'm going for and I don't have the long downtimes I was experiencing with other treatments. Also found some incredible sunscreen."

5.0 Review from C.F. Source: Google Aug 31 2023

"Good service and very friendly staff!"

5.0 Review from B. Source: Healthgrades Aug 29 2023

"Excellent "

5.0 Review from D.M. Source: Google Jul 29 2023

"Very nice people at Mountain View. Had me in and out and I am already happy with my results!"

5.0 Review from D.B. Source: Google Jun 29 2023

"I have been going to Mountain View Aesthetics since 2018. Rochelle has performed all of my skincare procedures. She does such a thorough job. My skin has never looked better. She explains in detail the difference between all of the procedures they offer. I highly recommend Rochelle."

5.0 Review from T.C. Source: Google Mar 01 2023

"I see Shelly for BBL treatment and she's fabulous. I have had other treatments done at other facilities but never received the same results. I will continue to see her for any future BBL/IPL services I receive in the future."

5.0 Review from L.S. Source: Google Aug 29 2022

"I have used this business for over 10 years and Shelly is wonderful. I trust her experience with anti-aging lasers and topical applications. She truly cares about her clients."

5.0 Review from M.L. Source: Google Aug 29 2022

"My wife, Pauline, had a cyst removed off her lower back/upper buttock about 3 to 4 inches from her spine and that night she slept her best in a couple years. She woke up with no back or hip pain and didn't feel like she had to stretch. Thanks Dr. Epstein!"

5.0 Review from D.L. Source: Google Aug 29 2022

"Dr. Epstein is the most thorough doctor I have encountered in many years. He still embodies what the medical profession all used to be before the Federal Gov't and Big Pharma got involved in medicine. He and the whole staff are treasures."

5.0 Review from I.M. Source: Google Aug 29 2022

"I would like to thank Dr. Epstein for helping me get my life back. I went first to see him a couple of months ago. I was in desperate need for help for my hands and face, they were so bad I felt like a monster. I had no idea I had a staph infection until he did a culture on me. On the 1st day I went to go see him, oh and btw, I had call left a voicemail and I got in the next day after I had told them it was an emergency. Thank you staff! 💕 Dr. Epstein and Rebecca were both amazing. I was in tears coming in and I left in tears when I came back for a follow up, Dr, Epstein is a miracle worker. My eczema was gone!!! I couldn’t believe it! I can’t say enough about Dr. Epstein and everyone in his office. I will forever be thankful, I can’t express myself enough. This man is truly amazing. If there was 100 stars ⭐️ I’d rant and rave about him and give him 1000 more stars! I am truly blessed to have met Dr Epstein and his staff for taking the time to get me back to myself again. I will always recommend him. Much love to you all and God bless. 💜🙏💕💕💕"

5.0 Review from S.C. Source: Google Aug 29 2022

"I received a MiraDry treatment here and had a great experience. When setting up the appointment, they were very flexible in trying to squeeze me in. Everything was on time when I showed up and they took great care during the prep and procedure. The amount of follow up afterwards to make sure I was doing well and was satisfied was great!"

5.0 Review from A.R. Source: Yelp Oct 14 2021

"Dr Epstein and staff make this practice the best dermatology office in Tucson. The practice welcoming, the staff, professional, patient & knowledgeable. I highly recommend this dermatology practice. Dr Epstein is the best!"

5.0 Review from D.K. Source: Google Aug 29 2021

"Absolutely loved the staff. Very professional and took the time to explain the procedure in detail. Would highly recommend."

5.0 Review from J.C. Source: Google Aug 29 2021

"My husband saw Dr. Epstein a few months ago for a skin check. The doctor was very, very thorough and addressed all of his concerns. He froze about 10-12 pre-cancerous areas, and his skin has healed nicely. I went to a dermatologist much closer, and really regret it. I saw a Physician's Assistant, not a full-fledged dermatologist, and was charged about $100 more than my husband paid, and I only had 3 pre-cancerous areas frozen. I will go to Dr. Epstein in the future!"

5.0 Review from A.V. Source: Google Aug 29 2021

"I absolutely love Dr Epstein and Shelly! You feel like part of the family when you are there. They explain everything in detail and make sure you understand exactly what you need to before any procedure. I will definitely be a long time customer."

5.0 Review from F.T. Source: Google Aug 29 2021

"You should consider going to Mountain View if you are interested in Miradry treatment. The procedure is affordable and the staff does a great job explaining everything you are going to experience during and after."

5.0 Review from P.H. Source: Google Aug 29 2021

"It was great. Rochelle was knowledgeable and helpful, providing a great treatment as well as additional information based on my specific situation."

5.0 Review from K.P. Source: Google Aug 29 2021

"I had a great experience here today! The staff worked to fit me in for an appointment even though I came in only for a consult. Highly recommend!"

5.0 Review from C.R. Source: Google Aug 29 2021

"Great place to go for your dermatology needs and rejuvenation. Love this place"

5.0 Review from S.B. Source: Google Aug 29 2020

"They all should receive more than a five star rating. They care for you as a family member. The Doc and his staff are woderful and caring. Dr. Epstein was the only dermatologist in Tucson that would visit my husband at TMC. Everyone else was too busy making money on faces. My husband was in critical condition. His condition was caused by a different dermatologist and she couldn't be bothered with him she had money to make elsewhere. Dr. Epstein took care of my husband as if he were a member of his family. Thank you all for your caring support after my husband passed 5years ago."

5.0 Review from R.E. Source: Google Aug 29 2019

"My skin has been staying young and healthy with a series of rejuvenation treatments that really work - IPLs/BBLs, Clear and Brilliant, 4D Lift and PicoGenesis plus a thorough annual skin cancer screening at Mountain View Dermatology and Aesthetics. The entire staff is warm, friendly and quite knowledgeable."

5.0 Review from R.C. Source: Google Aug 29 2019

"What an amazing experience! I have suffered with psoriasis my entire life, I had almost given up all hope for relief then I found Dr. Epstein and his amazing staff. After the very first visit I had relief! Dr. Epstein took the time to go over symptom relief and treatments to try. I got immediate relief and treatment, and have seen significant results in less than two months. I would highly recommend Dr. Epstein and hope to continue with with him and his staff for all of mine and my families dermatological needs. Thank You Mountain View Dermatology !"

5.0 Review from S.F. Source: Google Aug 29 2019

"To me Dr. Marc I. Epstein is the best, he's my son's dermatologist and really help him with he's acne problems."

4.0 Review from L.H. Source: Yelp Nov 30 2016

"Went here to have a skin irritation checked. Appointment available within 24 hours of calling. Waited less than 10 minutes of the appointment to be seen by Dr. Epstein. He was thorough and gave me good advice. The staff are very nice and helpful. This is my first dermatology place visited in Tucson. Highly recommended."

5.0 Review from J.E. Source: Yelp Jun 13 2016

"I’ve been seeing Dr. Epstein for about a decade.  He’s diagnosed and removed three cancerous lesions on my skin as well as half a dozen pre-cancerous ones.  I’d recommend Dr. Epstein to anyone who has a history of skin cancer and needs regular dermatological checkups"

5.0 Review from J.R. Source: Yelp Aug 17 2015

"I have been a patient of Dr. Epstein for over 3 years and have been completely satisfied.He and Rebbecca do a great, thoroughly professional job.I have had one surgery and numerous pre-cancerous things removed.  He cleared up my rosacea and keeps it controlled.The front office is very pleasant and quite efficient.I cannot speak to the aesthetics practice.I would strongly recommend Dr. Epstein/Mountain View to everyone."
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