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Mountain View Dermatology and Aesthetics is pleased to employ an experienced group of individuals with varied abilities who all work together to develop beautiful results for our patients in Tucson, AZ. Each of our cosmetic experts is trained to make use of our advanced register of technology, including EMSELLA®, EMSCULPT NEO®, and TED™ by Alma. In order to help you achieve the desired results, our staff works to understand you on a personal level so we can understand your ambitions and insecurities and form a treatment plan that actively addresses them.


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Rochelle C. Epstein, CLT

Certified Laser Tech, BS

Rochelle (Shelly) is an incredibly accomplished and well-rounded individual with a passion for both her professional career and personal life. Her dedication to improving skin health and staying updated on cosmetic treatments through continuous education is admirable.

It's impressive that she was the 49th person to be awarded the CLT certificate in 2011, showcasing her early commitment to excellence in her field. Shelly's diverse educational background, from Dobbins Vocational School for Dental Assisting to graduating as a Registered Dental Hygienist with a bachelor's degree in public health from Temple University/O’Heir University, reflects her commitment to a broad understanding of healthcare.

The fact that she is not only a professional but also a proud mother and wife adds another layer to her already busy life. Her children's accomplishments, with her daughter Pamela being an accomplished attorney in California and her son Andrew being a physician in Tucson, highlight the success and talent within her family. Lance a Certified Laser Tech, her partner at the cosmetic office, further solidifies the family's involvement in the business.

It's heartwarming to hear about the newest additions to her family, Amy (Andrew’s wife) and grandson Weston. Shelly must take great joy in the thriving and accomplished lives of her children and the joy that a grandchild brings.

As the Office Administrator for Mountain View Dermatology, Shelly plays a crucial role in maintaining a symbiotic relationship between the dermatology practice and aesthetics. Her multitasking abilities, honed through her love for knitting, are particularly intriguing. The connection between knitting, relaxation, problem-solving, and the application of those skills in cosmetic treatments highlights her creative and holistic approach to her work.

Shelly's love for her five dogs—Lucky, Lady, Dotty, Mojo, and Simba—adds a delightful touch to her busy life. It's evident that she finds joy in the companionship and unique stories that each pet brings.

Overall, Shelly's story is one of dedication, accomplishment, and a genuine passion for both her professional and personal life. Her ability to balance a thriving career, family life, and personal interests like knitting and caring for her dogs is truly commendable.

Lance J. Epstein, CLT

Certified Laser Tech, BS, BA

Lance Epstein has an impressive background and skills. Lance's three bachelor degrees in History, Journalism, and Molecular Cellular Biology from the University of Arizona showcase a diverse academic foundation. His decision to join Mountain View Aesthetic Business and subsequently become a Certified Laser Tech in 2022 demonstrates a commitment to expanding his expertise.

Lance's focus on Acne treatments and Hair Restoration at Mountain View Aesthetics highlights his specialization and dedication to providing specific services. His proficiency in various treatments, including BBL, Opus RF, Micro needling RF, and Body Treatments, further underscores his versatility as a certified laser technician.

Beyond his professional life, it's interesting to know that Lance is a sports enthusiast with a strong affinity for teams like the Phillies, Eagles, 76ers, and Flyers. His passion for the Arizona Wildcats teams adds a personal touch. His wealth of knowledge about sports, not limited to his favorite teams, likely contributes to positive interactions with clients who share similar interests.

Overall, Lance Epstein seems to bring a well-rounded skill set, a dedication to client satisfaction, and a personable touch to his role as a certified laser technician at Mountain View Aesthetics. If there's anything specific you'd like to discuss or inquire about Lance, feel free to let me know!

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