Leg Veins

Mountain View Dermatology & Aesthetics is a comprehensive provider for the treatment to reduce or remove spider veins. We have a variety of vein treatment methods to help you look and feel better.

Spider veins are small and unsightly veins found close to the skin’s surface and are red or blue in color. They often have a branching or “web” pattern, hence the name Spider veins are often found on the face and legs. They may cover either a small or large area of your skin.

Vein treatments in Tucson

These unsightly veins become noticeable over time because of sun exposure, especially here in Tucson, plus the effects of aging, hormones and heredity. Studies have shown that about half of all men and women over age 50 in the U.S. will develop spider veins.
The good news is that we have plenty of experience in treating them effectively.

How do vein treatments work?

To treat spider veins that affect your, legs, we often use a form of Sclerotherapy, Asclera®. It’s a minimally-invasive procedure in which we inject a solution into the affected veins. Some smaller veins on both face and legs can be treated with a 1064 yag laser.

Our treatment causes the targeted unhealthy veins to gradually close up and become replaced by healthy tissue. So, unsightly veins disappear and your skin looks younger and healthier.

People who have been treated with Sclerotherapy are generally very satisfied. On average, studies have shown that 87% of those treated with Asclera® are either satisfied or very satisfied with the results.

Our treatments typically last from fifteen to forty-five minutes. We may need to schedule repeat sessions several weeks later. Besides injections, we can treat spider veins with laser therapy.

Here at Mountain View Dermatology & Aesthetics, our doctors and certified technicians have many years of experience in treating unsightly veins in the leg, face and elsewhere.

We can help you look and feel better. To take the first step toward relief from varicose veins or spider veins, contact us today!

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