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News About EmSculpt Neo and Emsella for the treatment of back and leg pain.

By: Dr. Marc I. Epstein


We're thrilled to share some exciting new information gleaned from a recent BTL meeting! While EmSculpt Neo and Emsella have traditionally been known for their efficacy in muscle stimulation for both cosmetic enhancement and addressing stress and urgency incontinence, we're delighted to announce that these treatments can also be utilized for pain management.

During the meeting, insights were provided by a seasoned Neurosurgeon who has been incorporating these treatments into his practice for several years. He has observed significant reductions in the need for surgery or less invasive surgical interventions among patients utilizing these therapies. Moreover, these treatments are remarkably straightforward and painless.

It's been emphasized that spinal health is closely intertwined with muscle strength. Muscle pain often serves as an indicator of spinal nerve damage, whether it's minor discomfort or more severe pain, which could signal underlying disc damage due to injury or age-related factors. Undertaking these treatments early on can potentially mitigate the need for surgical intervention in the future.

If you're grappling with back, neck, or leg pain, we strongly encourage you to consider experiencing these innovative treatments. Feel free to reach out to our office to schedule a complimentary consultation and take the first step toward a pain-free future.

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