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KeraFactor by SkinQRI

by Greg McCracken - Nov 18, 2020 - Skin Treatments

KeraFactor® is the result of 6 years of in-depth research into the cause and treatment of thinning hair. The system is based on growth factors and skin proteins optimized for scalp revitalization.

The proprietary formula is delivered encased within a nano-liposome wrapper. This “skin-friendly” method of delivery lets practitioners customize treatments precisely to fit each patient.

KeraFactor is designed to resolve the growth-factor deficiencies that are typically associated with hair thinning and hair loss. The growth factors and proteins promote healthy circulation in the scalp.

How KeraFactor works

It works by delivering significant amounts of the essential proteins and growth factors needed for healthy hair. Improved scalp vascularization is critically critical for hair rejuvenation.

Extensive research has shown that baldness and thinning hair are associated with a lack of certain essential growth factors and proteins. If these materials are bio-available in the right concentrations at appropriate depths in the skin, dramatic improvements can happen.

The new KeraLase procedure

To prepare the scalp and enhance treatment results, we now offer the KeraLase procedure. The KeraLase system creates micro-channels that significantly speed up the treatment process.

With KeraLase, there’s no need(le) for needling!

It’s been shown to increase skin absorption of these essential growth factors by over 400%. That’s why this treatment is so popular – There’s no need for “micro-needling” on tender skin.

The stats

According to an American Hair Loss Association research study, about one-half of men over the age of 50, and around 40% of women beyond age 40, are suffering from hair thinning or outright hair loss. It’s part of the natural cycle.

Even worse, about 25% of women in their 20s experience hair loss. Young people suffer disproportionately – especially their confidence – because of today’s focus on “selfies” and other social media exposure.

The good news is that KeraLaser and KeraFactor are designed to treat many of the underlying issues that lead to hair loss or hair thinning. KeraLaser is quick and effective, and many KeraFactor products are applicable for home use. That means the KeraFactor system offers round-the-clock availability.

What the treatment is like

A typical treatment protocol might involve one treatment every two weeks for several months. First, energy is delivered to the treatment area. Then the accompanying serum is applied.

Afterward, the patient goes home with the appropriate KeraFactor products for morning and evening use.

Why KeraLase is different

The type of laser used for this treatment is remarkable because it delivers energy to the scalp and the upper dermis. The energy dries and treats the scalp.

Most importantly, the procedure creates micro-channels that have been proven to increase the skin’s serum absorption by as much as five times its baseline level. For skin rejuvenation, this laser will only penetrate about 200 microns of depth.

Laser energy makes KeraFactor serum more effective.

The KeraFactor serum and related products are already well known for their high baseline effectiveness. That’s why they’re so popular, especially here in the Tucson area.

Yet, as mentioned earlier, recent research has led to the discovery that KeraLase is so effective because the laser energy creates temporary micro-channels for faster delivery of KeraFactor serum and other essentials.

Everyone knows that the skin’s function is to seal and protect the body against injuries, toxins, and weather. What isn’t so well known is that the nanoliposomes hold most of the body’s store of growth factors.

When those nanoliposomes are small in size, it’s more difficult for serum or anything else to pass through the skin. Laser energy speeds up the scalp rejuvenation process by creating the micro-channels that allow quick passage.

The difference between serum for in-office treatment and take-home products

The therapeutic serum for in-office treatments and the consumer product for take-home use are very similar in their properties. They both rely on growth factors.

The main difference is potency: Of course, the serum is much more concentrated than the home-use product, which is intended to be used at home a couple of times per day.

Important note: Patients who have or have previously been diagnosed with skin cancer should not use KeraFactor products.

Other contraindications include:

  • Active infections
  • Allergic reactions
  • Certain conditions, including scarring alopecia and lichen planopilaris, haven’t been tested and may not be amenable to this treatment.

When to expect results

Most patients begin to see a healthier scalp, an increase in the size of hair shafts, and also a reduction in the appearance of new thin hair. Remember that results may vary.

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