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Get into the Gold Rush

by Greg McCracken - Jun 5, 2015 - General Dermatology

It is a golden result with little downtime. Rejuvenate, Refresh and Restore your look with the newest advancement in skin rejuvenation using your own plasma to help turn back the hands of time. From coast to coast everyone wants to know more about this very unique treatment. The treatment involves collecting a small amount of blood and then we centrifuge down and separate the red blood cells from your plasma. We collect the plasma and apply it to your face as we infuse it with the MicroPen and other rejuvenating procedures.

You might say Laura Leyva struck gold! The California gal says she turned 43 and started looking at anti-aging ideas. She came across a PRP and microneedling treatment a Beverly Hills doctor calls Liquid Gold.

Dr. Arash Moradzadeh says PRP and microneedling restores that youthful glow. He says the innovation is using it topically verses under the skin. He says its safe for everyone, is minimally invasive, and has little down time.

Leyva loves the fact that there are no fillers. Liquid Gold, PRP and microneedling, involve drawing the patient’s own blood and spinning out platelet rich plasma. The PRP is yellowish, or gold, in color. That’s where Moradzadeh gives it the name Liquid Gold.

After numbing creme the PRP is applied topically to her face. The microneedling pen punctures the skin and delivers the PRP.

Leyva says there was little discomfort. She was left with some redness that should last a day. Moradzadeh says results last a year to a year-and-a-half. One treatment costs $1100.

Leyva wasn’t ready for fillers or lasers. She says a PRP and microneedling treatment was a great way to get started with entry level anti-aging efforts. Moradzadeh says she was a great candidate because she was still young.

Patient Ladan Alamdar used PRP and microneedling treatments to treat adult acne and scarring. Moradzadeh says he also uses it to treat patients with hair loss.

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