Laser Resurfacing

We offer one of Tucson’s most comprehensive laser resurfacing treatments for your skin. Laser resurfacing helps treat and remove/reduce wrinkles, scars from acne or surgery, pockmarks, sun damage, age spots, stretch marks.

Lasers offer an alternative treatment in place of peels and dermabrasion, since it allows our doctors and certified laser technicians to customize the treatment for each area of your face or body. Lasers can have less downtime with a better result.

A fresh, youthful look

For laser resurfacing we use the Sciton™ Erbium Laser system. These treatments help reverse the effects of aging, sun damage and environmental effects on your skin.
We can treat hyper pigmentation, and texture which can be a result of age, heredity and environment. Laser resurfacing can reduce the pore size decreasing black heads and make the surface of the skin look smoother

Our treatments help rejuvenate tired, aging skin and give you a fresher and more youthful look.

How does laser resurfacing work?

Our treatments rely on a broad range of energy wavelengths. So, your skin can experience more complete improvement. We offer several types of laser treatments, which include full surface from mild to aggressive with different levels of downtime. Also offered is Pro-fractional laser treatments done in a series. These treatments have minimal downtime and excellent results.

Want fresh, youthful skin? We can help

We pride ourselves with having the Sciton™ Laser system, which has the most advance technology in Lasers. Along with state of the art technology we are constantly review our treatment protocols and attending continue education on the most advanced laser protocols. When you want your skin to have a fresher, younger look, Mountain View Dermatology and Aesthetics should be your place to go for the advance technology and education to provide you with the best rejuvenated appearance.
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