As the season changes from Summer to Fall our skin can behave differently. We typically find that this weather change can often lead to dryness, breakouts and a general dullness in our skin’s appearance. Transitioning our skin from a summer regiment to a fall regiment will help to reverse any sun damage acquired during our summer activities and will prepare and protect our skin for the winter months ahead.

While our Summer was filled with fun our skin was exposed to sun, chlorine and saltwater leaving it dry and dull.  Fall is the time to exfoliate and renew with at home products like: AHA/BHA (Skin Medica) cream and cleanser. Also if we have taken a break from a Retin-A or Retrinol product, now is the time to re start them. If we have never used a retinoid, now is the time to start. These products will help to reverse any damage from summer sun fun as well as rejuvenate our skin. A great way to kick start our home care is with an in-office HydraFacial MD® Treatment. This unique treatment, using super-serums such as antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid, will boost our skin’s hydration and help with signs of aging as well as with protecting it from harsh environment and weather conditions. HydraFacial MD® treatments will leave our skin recharged, renewed, and invigorated.

If we notice an increase in sun- spots or brown spots, have no fear, they can be erased with at home products that help to lighten and brighten the skin. Products, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A (Retin-A) and Lytera (Skin Medica), can help reduce these spots over time. For a more rapid response, BBL or IPL treatments can reduce this damage in 4-5 easy treatments, which have no downtime.

We will find the lightweight moisturizer we have been using all summer may not be moisturizing enough for the cooler, drier fall weather. To prevent moisture loss a little heavier moisturizer (Dermal Repair by Skin Medica) may be need.  Also the use of a Hydrator, to increase absorption of moisture into the skin, can also help us to reduce our fine lines and wrinkles immediately and into the future. A good hydrator to use is Skin Medica’s HA5.

Another tip to help our skin remain healthy is the daily use of sunscreen. Just because the weather is cooler and the days are shorter with less intense sunshine doesn’t mean you give up on your daily application of sunscreen. While the UVB rays, that cause suntans and sunburns are not as strong in fall, the UVA rays responsible for premature aging, our skin are just as strong in the fall as they are in the summer. Remember, sun protection should be a year round part of our daily skin care regiments. There are many great sunscreens; it is best to try and get one that has antioxidants. For example, Revisions’ Intellishade is a great combination of tinted moisturizer, antioxidants and UV protection with an SPF of 45. For those of us who would like to just have a Sunscreen with antioxidants and no moisturizer there is Total Defense + Repair by Skin Medica. This comes tinted or un-tinted with SPF of 34 or 50.

Last but not least, we should not forget our lips and hands. They need care as well from the changing environment and harsher weather conditions. We need to use a good lip product to protect our fragile lips from becoming dry and chapped. There are several excellent products available, such as Skin Medica’s TNS Lip Plump or ColorScience lip balm. For our hands, to avoid dryness and cracking, invest in a good hand and body cream such as Skin Medica’s GlyPro (with glycolic) or Revisions’ Lumiquin which will also reduce brown spots and rejuvenate your hands.

Remember, just as our wardrobe requires changes with the seasons so does our skin care needs. Let’s enjoy flawless skin this Fall!