Sclerotherapy with Asclera in Tucson

Nationwide, more than 80 million Americans are suffering from painful and unsightly spider veins and varicose veins, especially the leg veins.

Spider veins are those small blue or red veins that are superficial and quite visible. Varicose veins are the large, thick unsightly veins, usually on the legs.

We treat spider veins and leg veins by sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy with Asclera is very popular treatment for veins.

It’s based on a sclerosing medication that removes unwanted spider veins and unsightly leg veins by closing and drying them up from within.

Procedure for sclerotherapy with Asclera

Spider veins in the target treatment area are injected with Asclera through a tiny needle. There may be mild swelling and/or bruising afterward.

Sclerotherapy causes spider veins on the leg veins to close up, which means they quickly fade from view.

Our procedure may also relieve troublesome symptoms of spider veins, including burning, swelling, aching and night cramps.

Since the procedure doesn’t affect healthy veins, only the spider veins or varicose leg veins are eliminated…. There’s no effect on your circulation.

Fast improvements

You’ll see improvements immediately after sclerotherapy. And, once the swelling fades, within a few days the improvements are even better.

Minimal downtime

Most people resume their normal activities immediately after sclerotherapy treatment.

After treatment, you should wear compression stockings for a couple of days. You should also avoid high-impact athletic activities, saunas or hot baths, and long airplane rides for a few days.

Follow-up treatments
The old, unsightly veins fade gradually, so they require two or more treatments. Each area affected by spider veins or varicose leg veins requires several treatments to remove them completely.

It’s important to remember that even though these unsightly veins took years to form, with your patience we can remove them within a few weeks or months.

Treatments are usually scheduled about four weeks apart.

Experienced practitioners of sclerotherapy with Asclera

If you want to be rid of unsightly spider veins or varicose leg veins, we can help.

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