Sciton ClearSense laser treatment for toenail fungus

We often use the Sciton ClearSense laser system to treat toenail fungus (onychomycosis) as well as other dermatologic conditions, with excellent results. The Sciton laser treatment is non-invasive, non-toxic and comfortable.

Toenail fungus is an unsightly condition which was traditionally difficult to treat, but nowadays the Sciton ClearSense laser system can offer exceptional results.

Unlike topical medication, our laser reaches deep inside the toenail to destroy unsightly fungus, without damaging healthy tissues.

Even if all the fungus isn’t entirely eliminated with the first treatment, still, over time the appearance of the nail improves greatly.

How does Sciton ClearSense work?

Sciton Clear Sense uses a laser that emits energy in the 1064 nm wavelength. This particular wavelength penetrates both the nail and the nail bed to an optimal depth. It destroys fungus by heating it, and the result is a clearer toenail.

How long does the treatment take?

It takes us only a couple of minutes to treat each toe, so a thorough treatment for all ten toes generally takes less than half an hour.

Best of all, there’s zero downtime – You’ll be able to return to your normal routine immediately after treatment.

Since toenail fungus can hide deep inside nails, it’s best to schedule a follow up treatment a couple of weeks after your first treatment, and again three months later.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that toenails grow very slowly – It might take several months after the first treatment before your nail grows out far enough to show fresh, clear results.

Laser treatment can defeat toenail fungus

If you’ve suffered from toenail fungus for a while, you already know how unsatisfactory the older generations of treatments were.

The good news is that today’s technologies, including the Sciton Clear Sense laser system, offer the best hope for defeating nail fungus, so you can have clear, beautiful nails again.

Mountain View Dermatology & Aesthetics is Tucson’s expert provider of Sciton laser treatments for nail fungus, warts and a variety of other dermatological conditions.

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