Restylane Dermal Filler FAQs

What's Restylane?

Restylane dermal filler is a common anti-wrinkle treatment. It restores fullness and volume to your skin, and it corrects moderate-to-severe facial lines and wrinkles.

Facial volume is the key to having a younger-looking face. Restylane and related dermal fillers such as Perlane can help you have smoother, firmer, more youthful-appearing skin.

Restylane is in the form of an injectable gel made of long-lasting hyaluronic acid (HA). Although not permanent, it’s an effective way to smooth away wrinkles and lines, enhance facial shape, and create fuller lips.

How does it help?

Restylane dermal filler helps in two ways: First, it provides immediate fill and volume to smooth and tighten saggy skin. Second, it provides a foundation on which your body builds new collagen.

The hyaluronic acid promotes the development of collagen in your skin. It continues filling your skin with new collagen which keeps it firm and flexible.

You’ll look younger and better-rested.

What are the special benefits of Restylane?

Restylane is a natural product, and it doesn’t affect the facial expression. And, after receiving a Restylane dermal filler treatment, many people report looking three to five years younger.

How long do the improvements last?

Even though the effects aren’t permanent, one of Restylane’s advantages is its long-lasting action. How long the improvements from treatment last depend on a wide variety of factors, including skin type, age, liftstyle and other variables.

Most people report that improvements last for between six months to one year. Many choose to have follow-up treatments at intervals of six months or a year.

Is Restylane right for me?

The best way to decide whether a treatment is right for you is to consult with a highly experienced physician.

Our cosmetic medical team at Mountain View Dermatology & Aesthetics has more than 25 years of experience with dermal fillers and other treatments that can help your skin look fresh and young.

Questions? We can help. To learn more about Restylane, just contact us for a free consultation.