Introducing our newest products & services from BTL Aesthetics Emsella® for intimate wellness

BTL Aesthetics Emsella® offers a solution for over 220 million people worldwide who are thought to be affected by some form of urinary incontinence. Yet, only half seek any help. Incontinence often happens when the pelvic floor muscles become weak, usually due to:
✔ Pregnancy & childbirth
✔ Certain types of infections
✔ Diuretic medications, drinks, or foods
✔ Menopause
✔ Aging in general EMSELLA IMAGE

How Emsella works

This new technology, called “high-intensity focused electromagnetic” (HIFEM), offers a powerful new treatment against urinary incontinence. Best of all, it’s painless and non-invasive. The technology uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate thousands of pelvic muscle contractions during a single treatment. These contractions strengthen the muscles of incontinent patients. The treatment creates muscle contractions similar to the ones initiated by Kegal exercises. Yet, just one single Emsella treatment has a muscle-building effect equal to 10,000+ Kegel contractions. Most importantly, the technology creates automatic contractions – You don’t have to flex any muscles during this treatment consciously. As they regain control, patients quickly regain confidence and return to their normal daily activities. Scientific studies have shown that 95% of people with incontinence experience a significantly better quality of life after treatment with Emsella. Pad use may be reduced by up to 75%!

What Emsella treatments feel like

Emsella® is non-surgical, non-invasive, comfortable, and easy. You’ll sit in a unique chair fully clothed for about half an hour while the equipment does its work. Most patients read a book or listen to music. Others simply close their eyes and relax. There’s no downtime – Once the treatment is completed, you can go home or return to work as usual. Most people say an Emsella treatment feels comfortable and very tolerable. You may feel some tingling and vibration as the pelvic muscles start contracting. These contractions feel the same as an excellent pelvic-floor muscle workout using Kegel exercises. But instead of doing physical exercise for months, the Emsella technology produces results after only a few treatments of 30 minutes each. The full benefits are usually noticeable within a few months after the last treatment. Any incontinence symptoms that return can be treated again later as needed, using the same or updated treatments.

BTL Exilis® for skin tightening

We’re proud to be Arizona’s leading provider of BTL Exilis treatments. Exilis is an advanced radio-frequency technology that tightens your skin by building collagen. It’s one of our most effective treatments for wrinkles and sagging skin. This process is wildly popular for the face and neck, although we also use it elsewhere on the body. We rely on Exilis to tone and tighten up loose skin, melt away deep deposits of body fat, and contour the body without surgery.

What is Exilis?

It’s a non-invasive, no-downtime treatment for skin tightening, fat removal, and body contouring. Exilis uses radio-frequency energy to improve skin tone and texture. At the same time, even while the treatment encourages collagen growth, it also reduces unwanted fat. It’s excellent for overall rejuvenation! Exilis is an in-office treatment, and here’s how it works: The handpiece delivers specialized electrical energy directly to the skin. A grounding pad is placed to ensure the safe delivery of the energy. During the process, energy flows from the handpiece into the skin, warming it up therapeutically. This higher temperature stimulates new growth and development in the skin’s collagen. During the weeks and months after treatment, the new collagen growth leads to better skin texture and tone, with fewer wrinkles.

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