IPL Treatments

Our BBL Hero IPL Treatment system is the Hero of the laser world! This is the most advanced treatment for removing stubborn pigmentation on the body. Delivering quick, painless, and effective results – there is nothing like this currently on the market!
This incredible system can treat pigment, vascular lesions, visible signs of aging, and more with no-to-low pain and downtime!

The treatments use BroadBand Light (BBL) with High Energy Rapid Output (HERO) which can quickly deliver Forever results anywhere on the body.

BBL allows for faster treatments than other IPL devices, thanks to its large spot size (15×45 mm), the highest repetition rate and the easily exchangeable snap-on Finesse Adapters™ and Smart Filters™. Precisely engineered parabolic optics deliver energy uniformly eliminating hot or cold spots for consistent treatments and outcomes you can count on.

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