Accufit builds muscles fast

We’re pleased to announce that we now offer the new Accufit™ by Lutronic muscle-building treatment. It’s a highly effective way to build, strengthen, and tone your muscles – without exercising!

Accufit treatments are energizing and invigorating. The technology uses electrical impulses to stimulate thousands of tiny muscle contractions during a single 30-minute treatment.

You’ll build muscle quickly. These contractions have the muscle-building equivalent of months of exercise. This breakthrough treatment can dramatically change your life by improving muscle tone and strength within a few weeks.

Want a “six-pack” without doing sit-ups?

With Accufit focused on abdominal muscles, you can grow those well-defined abs you’ve always wanted. Likewise, this treatment can lift, tone, and firm the butt. It’s a great alternative to surgical “butt lifts” while avoiding surgery.

Exercise is long and general, but Accufit treatments are short and precisely targeted.

Our Accufit treatments can be targeted precisely or broadly to help sculpt the muscles you desire. It’s like having an intense workout on the micro-level.

The system offers four different electrical waveform outputs to replicate the contractions of specific muscle groups. That way, you can focus on “bulking up” specific areas or look for more comprehensive results with body-wide development.

No pain, lots of gain

Best of all, there’s no downtime after treatment. It’s entirely non-invasive, and there’s no skin irritation to hide.

Most people find these 30-minute treatments energizing and stimulating. If you want to take advantage of the most advanced technology for building muscle, contact us today!

Benefits of building muscle without exercise

Fast turnaround – Treatment only takes half an hour

Replicates the muscle development of 4 types of exercises
Energizing treatments with little or no discomfort
Custom development algorithm is personalized for each patient
Precise targeting and sculpting of muscle groups
No downtime – No surgery, no coverups

What is Accufit?

It’s a third-generation electrical stimulation technology that builds muscles quickly. Technically speaking, the manufacturer (Lutronic) describes their technology as a targeted muscle activation treatment system.

It works by delivering precisely-controlled electrical stimulation to build selected muscles. The result is a better aesthetic appearance and greater muscle fitness.

The best way to tone muscles

Patients often describe the Accufit treatment results as a blend of muscle massage, yoga, body sculpting, and weight training. Many of our patients also feel improvements in posture, as well as feeling positive energy. Accufit can also help maintain muscle mass as the body becomes older.

You’ll probably notice an improvement after the first couple of sessions. For best results, we recommend combining Accufit with other treatments, including Clear+Brilliant and Exilis.

FAQs about Accufit muscle-building treatments

How can I build muscles without exercising?
Try Accufit. It uses electrical impulses that stimulate muscles to contract thousands of times during each treatment session. These contractions can build as much muscle in 30 minutes as you could gain in many months of ordinary exercise.
What are the four different electric waveforms that replicate exercises?
Earlier types of muscle-contracting treatments could only mimic a single kind of muscle contraction. But the Accufit system creates four distinct types of electrical waves – Hold, Twist, Grip, and Tap.

This feature is critically essential because building muscles requires a variety of muscle motions. In other words, Accufit does the exercise for you, and very quickly!

How long does a treatment take?
This muscle-building treatment only takes about half an hour. There’s no downtime. Also, multiple areas can be treated during the same session.
Is Accufit safe?
Yes! It was developed by Lutronic, a well-known leader in aesthetic technologies. Lutronic has a decades-long track record of safety with multiple FDA approvals to its credit.

Since the treatment builds your muscles by contracting them the same way as ordinary exercise – just faster – the process is entirely safe. There are no side effects or complications.

Begin building muscles today

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Before & after

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