Breast Lift

Vampire breast lift

In the past, a breast lift typically involved a fully-invasive surgical procedure with unpredictable results. And, the healing process was sometimes lengthy.

Yet, thanks to modern technology we’re now able to provide our patients with a vampire breast lift which offers firmer, more youthful-appearing breasts, using the regenerative power of your own blood.

That’s because each person’s blood has enormous power to restore and grow new tissues, such as the regrowth of tissue that follows an injury.

Our vampire breast lift is a logical extension of the techniques already being used in the vampire facelift procedure which has become very popular across the country.

The vampire breast lift relies on the regenerative power of your own blood to create new collagen growth in your tissues, which restores volume and builds firmer breasts.

How does the vampire breast lift work?

First, we extract a small amount of your own blood. Then, we separate the platelets from the red blood cells using a high-tech centrifuge.

Next, we stimulate the collected platelets to produce growth factors, which are proteins that spur cell renewal and new growth.

These growth factors arise in your blood, and throughout the body their function is to heal wounds and grow new tissues. Growth factors encourage the formation of new collagen, which is the structure upon which new tissues are built.

After collecting and concentrating the mixture of platelets and growth factor, we re-inject it into your breasts, where it stimulates the cellular growth and regeneration cycle that leads to fuller, firmer breasts.

The breasts generally show improvement within a few weeks – They’re lifted, and they become firmer and perkier.

Vampire breast lifts and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy

At Mountain View Dermatology & Aesthetics, we’re at the forefront of the aesthetic movement focused on using your body’s own natural resources to regenerate new, more-youthful tissues.

We’re one of a few offices in Tucson to offer the advanced “vampire” treatments to help rejuvenate skin, lift breasts, and enhance hair growth.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of vampire aesthetics, just contact us for a free, confidential consultation.