Vampire Aesthetics

Mountain View Dermatology & Aesthetics is proud to be a provider of this extraordinary anti-aging skin treatment based on Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). We’re at the forefront of the trend toward using your body’s own resources to heal and rejuvenate the skin.

Today, you can have a younger face with fresher skin thanks to your cells’ own healing powers. Best of all, this regeneration comes from within your own body, instead of relying on artificial dermal fillers.

Vampires never age

Vampire aesthetics treatments are based on harnessing the healing power of your own blood, in the form of the growth factors produced by your platelet blood cells, in order to regenerate new skin tissue, especially for your face.

You’ll look and feel much younger

Our PRP vampire aesthetics techniques help your platelets stimulate the growth of new collagen in your skin. Collagen is the natural foundation on which your skin is built.  Vampire aesthetics offers you the ultimate skin rejuvenation, and an opportunity for ageless beauty. In effect, we use your own cells to rejuvenate your skin, which reduces or removes wrinkles, lines and scars due to aging and sun-damaged skin.

Vampire facial treatments

Our Vampire Facials use your cells’ own power of regeneration together with advanced technologies, such as the Eclipse MicroPen™ and Lasers to treat lines and wrinkles, reduce scars, along with improving your skin’s firmness and fullness. All this to reveal a more youthful you!

Vampire Facelift®

We are proud to offer the Vampire Facelift®, which is a non-surgical procedure using a unique preparation derived from your own platelets that rejuvenates your face and treats wrinkles as well as repair scars. This is different than the Vampire Facial, as described above.  It is a series of PRP injections to stimulate collagen beneath the surface of the skin. This treatment will create volume that has been lost due to age and environment.

Our Vampire PRP treatments can give you ageless beauty by using your blood’s restorative powers to rejuvenate skin. To learn more about these exciting options for healing and helping your skin become more youthful and fresh, just contact us.